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“The Longest Poem in the World” is a selective aggregation of public Twitter messages arranged into rhyming couplets. The program, designed by Andrei Gheorghe, combs non-private user accounts for rhyming content. Those messages are placed into a database where the program matches them based on rhyme and similar syllabic structure. Both lines typically have the same number of syllables; if not, they usually only differ by one or two syllables. The couplets are then posted to the text's homepage.

"The Longest Poem in the World" is an appropriate name for the project: there are approximately 4,000 new verses per day, which averages to about 3 new posts every minute, and at the time of writing this there is a total of 670,878 verses. The "poem" is constantly expanding, and perhaps one of the most interesting features is that anyone and everyone may have their Tweets included in the project without their even knowing. Since all the text is pulled from disparate sources, there is no narrative thread in this ongoing poem. Topics range from what people ate for breakfast to philosophic nuggets. There is an on-going debate over whether or not "The Longest Poem in the World" and other similar aggregated works can be considered art. Gheorghe himself seems to not be concerned over the matter, stating to that "The Longest Poem in the World" was "just a random idea that popped up and I played with it. And it is what it is" ( ).

The collaborative aspect of the project, and the fact that it is completely automated, has been the focus of much of the debate over what constitutes art in our digital age. While some see the project as just as an interesting window into what and how people communicate over the net, others believe that Andrei Gheorghe has tapped into a new form of expression: communal/blindly-collaborative literature. K. Silem Mohammad, author of several poetry collections including Dead Head Nation (2003) and Monsters (2006), proclaims that "The Longest Poem in the World" is "right up there with the most engaging and successful conceptual poetry projects I've seen to date.”

Andrei Gheorghe is 22 year old Romanian who describes himself as a professional web developer, not an artist, and currently works for an advertising firm that specializes in web-presence. He attended the Universitatea 'Politehnica' din Bucuresti where he studied Computer Science. According to his resume on Linked In, Mr. Gheorghe is a "software developer with extensive experience in web applications, passionate about algorithms and constantly exploring new ideas."

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