Reading Rebooted

Fourteen works from twelve digital writers were selected for this exhibition. You can experience these works in the Kipp Gallery space for a brief time. If you come to this site following the close of the physical exhibit, we hope you will nonetheless explore these works. Because they are web-based works, they are generally available through their makers' websites.


response to exhibit

I explored many of the different exhibits in this gallery. One of them was The Longest Poem in the World. It was very interesting to me and to read it. I think that being created by tweets from Twitter makes it unique in its own way. This was my favorite out of all the works I viewed. I also thought that the Wordy Mouths exhibit was interesting. It is creative how the words go along with the different pictures of the mouths. This was a great experience I had to see different works of art.

Visiting Reading Rebooted in a high school English classroom

For the past two weeks, one of my 10th grade English classes has been reading and studying poetry. While we have had moments of understanding and even fun reading poetry in a "traditional" manner, nothing has quite engaged my students like the works in this exhibit. While we weren't in the gallery itself, my classroom did have a gallery atmosphere because students were sharing computers and visiting works together. They were talking about what they were viewing and doing and creating, and there was a playful sense of community among the students as they read.

Most students gravitated toward The Longest Poem in the World and enjoyed how the randomness of the work sometimes actually made a lot of sense. One student commented that he might spend all evening just reading the poem. Another student said she was going to start tweeting just to see if her words might appear in the poem. Several students visited the My Novel site and actually wrote their own 4 line novels which they then proudly read aloud to each other.

Although few of my students spent much time reflecting on the meaning of this experience beyond their own initial engagement with it, I believe that this visit was time well spent. When my students have time to "play" with language, good things happen.

Response to exhibit

Looking through this exhibit was a fun time. I enjoyed the different types of works and I think it's interesting that someone put all of this together. I especially like the Longest Poem Ever because it was a combination of completely random things that people tweeted.

Re: The longest poem in the world

We explored the “Longest Poem in the World”. It was very funny and interesting. We think it is cool that someone thought of doing this, and gathering all those different Tweets. We are high school students in English class. We thought the rhymes were cool, and also all the funny things that different people say and do, from all over the world.

Response to Exhibit

I am a tenth grade high school student. I explored the Longest Poem in the World and My Novel. I liked both of them and both were very interesting. The four sentence novels were very fun to write. This experience was different than reading a book or looking at more traditional art because it is very interactive. There are more resources available to me and more information to check out. I really did enjoy this digital experience.

Response to Exhibit

I am a high school student and I really thought that this experience was amazing, it opened my eyes to kinds of art that I didn't even know existed.

high school student viewing this exhibit

I looked at almost all of the works on the site. I really enjoyed the four sentence novel. It was really fun to try to think of something to sum up in four sentences and to read what other people thought of. I didn't really enjoy the Hot Air one. I didn't get it. This was a lot more fun than reading a book or going to a museum or somehting because it was hands on and more entertaining. I enjoyed the digital experience and plan on viewing more in the future.

Exhibit response:D

Hey y'all I'm a high school kid just viewing this exhibit in English class. I only explored a few of the exhibits. All of them were pretty good. But my favorite was the longest poem in the world! It's pretty funny:D My least favorite would have to be another kind of language because I couldn't understand half of it. I absoultly love reading this way, but nothing can compare to being able to hold on to a good book. Overall, I would really enjoy learning more about this. It can be really fun. I'll have to keep searching the longest poem in the world. It really makes you think. Love It!:D

response to the exhibits

I'm a high school student and I explored "Another Kind of Language" and "The Longest Poem in the World." I liked the longest poem in the world due to its unique language and its unfamiliar words and phrases. I didn't like the Wordy mouths. It was too fast I couldn't read it so i didn't really get a good grasp on the reason for it. My experience differed from a book because it is the longest poem in the world it was about people and they just put their phrases together and made a poem. My reaction to this experience changes my outlook on poetry a little by showing me it doesn't have to be normal and boring. It can be out there and funny and be a poem too.

Longest poem ever response

I am a high school student writting in response to the "Longest Poem Ever." I took the time to look over the "Longest Poem Ever." I think it's a unique idea and is very interesting and addicting. It was fun to read it because it was so abstract and like a word collage. It is much different from reading a book or novel because everyone can contribute to it and make it more interesting. Great idea.

Longest Poem In the World

I really enjoy this. I think it's really neat that everything is totally random, but every once in a while things make sense and sound like a really good poem. I'm a tenth grade student, and we spent a class period looking at this website. I'm really glad we did. It was a great experience!

Response to the Exhibit

I'm a high school student, and I looked at the works of the longest poem in the world, another kind of language, wordy mouths, and brainstrips. I really enjoyed the longest poem in the world because it kept me entertained, and it was funny. The work that I least liked was Another Kind of Language. I didn't understand what was supposed to be happening with the work. Was it making a picture, or was it part of another whole? This experience was totally different then a book because it was interactive and I could bounce from one thing to another. This was a pretty cool way to view the different works, and it allowed me to view different works at once.