Peter Cho

Wordscapes is a collection of 26 reactive, one-word poem landscapes each of which is cued by a representative of a letter in the alphabet. The piece explores typographic animation by putting words into motion and invites the reader or user to navigate through an alphabet of forms. At the same time as this is a highly innovative and complexly programmed digital piece, it draws upon or echoes the mid-twentieth century practices of concrete poetry in which determined typographic experiment exploited the visual dimensions of printed text.

Peter Cho is a media artist and designer based in San Francisco, CA. He holds a Master of Science degree from the MIT Media Lab and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the UCLA Design Media Arts department, where his work dealt with issues of language, writing, and meaning. As a multi-talented designer, media artist, and educator, he has taught information design, typography, and web media courses at UCLA and CalArts.


“Peter Cho: digital typoTypo(design-po)graphy” by David Jhave Johnston

Concrete Poetry in Digital Media: Its Predecessors, its Presence and its Future – Roberto Simanowski

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