Jason Nelson

“Poecube 2” might be considered a “ 3-dimensional concrete poetry sculpture generator” according to its maker, Jason Nelson. This interactive piece invites the reader to configure lines of poetry and images along the multiple axes of a simulated Rubik's Cube. “The cube interface allows the reader to move the interface in 3-dimensional space, with the all elements placed on the cube transforming in proportion to the cube’s movement, perspective and warping is reasonably maintained as the cube is moved.  Furthermore, each of the rows and columns can be moved to further recreate the placement and graphical nature of the poem. ”

Jason has generously shared an extended artists' statement on this work with Reading Rebooted. Please consult the website for an explanation of its history and the design decisions which led up to this current instantiation.

Jason Nelson grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has a BA from the University of Oklahoma and an MFA in New Media Writing from Bowling Green State University. As of 2009, he teaches Cyberstudies, digital art, and digital creative writing at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

In his own words “ Born from the computerless land of farmers and spring thunderstorms, Jason Nelson somehow stumbled into creating awkward and wondrous digital poems and interactive stories of odd lives. Currently he teaches Net Art and Electronic Literature at Griffith University in the Gold Coast's contradictory lands. Aside from coaxing his students into breaking, playing and morphing their creativity with all manner of technologies, he exhibits widely in galleries and journals, with work featured around globe in New York, Mexico, Taiwan, Spain, Singapore and Brazil, at FILE, ACM, LEA, ISEA, ACM, ELO and dozens of other acronyms. But in the web based realm where his work resides, Jason is most proud of the millions of visitors his artwork/digital poetry portal http://www.secrettechnology.com attracts each year.”