Chris Ault


Chris Ault explains that Hot Air “reimagines a passage from Sexing the Cherry, in which the words spoken by a village's residents rise into the sky like smoke from a fire, eventually requiring cleaners to rise up in balloons and sweep away the stubborn utterances with brooms.” The work is a non-interactive but dynamic composition. As the piece loads, it signals to the viewer that its word content is being drawn, live from changing Google search results, tags and reader comments from popular websites. Thus the structure and design of the work is pre-configured, but the reading experience will vary dynamically from visit to visit, in ways that the work's maker cannot completely predict.


Chris Ault is an Assistant Professor in the Interactive Multimedia program at the College of New Jersey. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, and a master’s from ITP at NYU. His work covers a variety of subjects from video games to digital media production. Interactive animation and art are among his major interests. His accomplishments include developing web sites for Nokia and Dave & Buster’s and composing music for Midway video games and American Airlines, among many others. He collaborates with artists and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. He is currently involved in a number of projects, including Blog and Flikr data visualization, Responsive Artwork for the Harlem Clinic, and the Nokia Accessibility Website.


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